About Us

Shaul Gueta Ltd. is one of the largest and leading scrap metal recycling companies. The company has extensive knowledge and professional experience with ferrous and non-ferrous metals (stainless).

The Company’s Activities:

  • Collection, removal and purchase of metal from civilian, industrial and security sources
  • Plant dismantling and removal
  • Global metal importing and exporting
  • Sales of second-hand industrial equipment from shut down plants, as well as water pumps, tractors, forklifts, water and fuel tanks, pipes, various metal profiles and more

The Team

The company is named after its founder, Mr. Shaul Gueta, who has over 30 years of experience in recycling and trading metal. Over the years, his four children joined him in managerial positions, and the family business developed into a large, thriving company.

We have a yard in Ashdod that serves as the company’s main processing facility, where we operate advanced processing equipment and plant dismantling equipment. We have about 30 employees and operate a fleet of new trucks and cranes.

All of the most advanced advantages and solutions

Our skilled team and modern equipment ensure that our customers receive the most efficient service available in the field of metals, and allow us to take on large projects and execute them as quickly as possible – all while complying with the strictest safety standards.

We are a primary source of metal, obtaining our scrap metal by expertly and professionally dismantling and removing plants and from trading in scrap metal. We give our customers the opportunity to avoid middlemen and trade directly with us, the owners, at fair prices!

International Activity

Our international department is committed to providing you with the most professional service in the field, all the way to the destination port. We ship thousands of tons of scrap metal for recycling every month, which adds up to tens of thousands of tons a year. The metal we sell is sent to the largest melting plants in Europe and Asia, primarily to Turkey.

We provide you with all of the necessary information, while using advanced and accurate measurement equipment. We also provide shipping services around the world, whether as free cargo or in containers, all with the help of experienced financial and legal advice.

Our Satisfied Customers

Over the years, we’ve worked with the country’s leading companies. Our customers include:
  • The Port of Ashdod
  • Israel Railways
  • The Israel Electric Corporation
  • Mekorot
  • IMI – Israel Military Industries
  • Israeli Aerospace Industries Ltd.
  • Solel Boneh
  • Electra
  • Pachmas Packaging Ltd.
  • Kaniel Packaging Industries
  • Yehuda Steel
  • Hod Assaf Industries
We will be happy to assist you at any time. For more details, please leave your details on our website and we will get back to you soon, or call us at 072-3253840.