Industrial Equipment


Plant Dismantling

There is a constant need for dismantling plants in industry, something considered an inseparable part of the natural development of every plant. Shaul Gueta Ltd., one of the oldest companies in the field of plants, specializes in dismantling plants and purchases used industrial equipment for recycling and second hand sales.

There are many reasons for dismantling plants. Many plants encounter financial difficulties and are forced to shut down. Alternatively, they may need to undergo conversion, something that requires them to significantly reduce both the number of employees and the mechanical equipment they operate.

In order to obtain compensation for the changes they must undergo, many plant owners seek creative solutions for raising money with which to pay off some of their debts. If you are in a situation like this, before turning to the bank for a loan you can try to assess the value of your industrial equipment. You may be surprised to discover that you have quite a lot of money you will be able to use.
We are at your service for professionally, quickly and efficiently dismantling your plant!

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