Types of Metal: What do we do with metal?

Shaul Gueta Ltd. works with all types of metals, especially aluminum, copper, steel, iron and stainless steel. The company recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metals, after which they are melted are poured into molds for new products.

Construction is an excellent example of the utilization of the properties and characteristics of aluminum, iron, steel and stainless steel. In some projects tin can also be considered an available metal, but these are actually sheets that have undergone processing by weaving or rolling.

The common types of metal are used in the construction industry for creating reinforced concrete used in pouring foundations, walls and ceilings. In contrast, stainless steel is common in the production processes of kitchenware and tools, as well as electrical appliances and industrial equipment. Today stainless steel can be found in the production of handrails and household accessories, while aluminum is used for making constructions, profiles, door and window frames, doors and windows. Iron is used according to need and engineering or mechanical requirements.

It can also be used to make bars, fences, gates, pergolas and a wide variety of products used by contractors, construction companies, professionals and private customers.


Metal removal: Our professionalism – your profit!

We have been removing metal for over 30 years, allowing you to enjoy all of the advantages under one roof:
  • Removal of metal from civilian, industrial and security sources, strictly to authorized sites
  • The option of purchasing the removed metal
  • A large and modern fleet of trucks, cranes and work equipment which enables efficient, quick and safe removal
  • A professional team with many years of experience
  • Dismantling plants from which the removed metal equipment is taken to designated sites and recycled

Recycling scrap metal – for a better future

We are involved in the removal and scrap metal recycling, thereby contributing to a safer and greener environment. Recycling is a welcome process; especially when it comes to metal.

Instead of throwing out the products and materials we no longer use into giant waste dumps, thereby polluting the environment in which we live, it is now possible to take that same waste and use it to create new useable products. The use of recycled products makes it possible to greatly conserve new raw materials. In this way we make a great contribution to the environment in general and to our quality of life in particular, and help the world be a more beautiful and better place.

In order to conduct the recycling operation, special equipment is required, including the following:
  • Tractors and forklifts – In order to move the various metals from place to place there is need for engineering tools with impressive carrying capabilities, and tractors and forklifts provide the perfect solution.
  • Freight vehicles – There is need of trucks able to carry large containers for transporting the unrecycled scrap metal to a recycling facility and then back to where it is needed.
  • Weighing surfaces – Every scrap metal recycling project needs to be accurately weighed in order to assure that the amount of metal entering the recycling facility is equal to the amount of metal that leaves it.
  • Lifting equipment – Since large piles of metal accumulate inside of recycling facilities, there is need for powerful lifting equipment (cranes) able to transfer the various metals between the recycling stations.
  • Compactors – Compactors reduce the volume of the different metal products by hundreds of percent by compressing them by force. The force of compression may reach hundreds of tons, but it should be noted that the compressors come in different shapes, some of them suitable for small metal products and others for larger products.
We invite you to join our long line of satisfied customers, which includes some of Israel’s leading companies, and enjoy scrap metal removal services at the highest standards. Call us for additional information at 072-3253840.